Singletrack Nomads are Sweden’s singletrack and enduro MTB tour specialists. We offer a hand-picked selection of singletrack MTB holidays united by genuine core values and unconditional trail love. Fuelled by local knowledge and hard earned experience, we ride on in search of new trails and exciting horizons in Morocco, Turkey and beyond.

“As close to perfection you can come, bringing true experience and adventure into a structure small-scale tourism”
Nicke Sundstrom (Pathfinder Travels), Cappadocia Singletrack, Turkey



Singletrack Nomads is a specialist MTB tour partnership ran by Nicke Sundstrom and Pelle Aronsson of Pathfinder Travels and Jon Bawn of Biking in Turkey. Our base near Gotenborg, Sweden offers some of the world’s best forest singletrack and untouched wilderness trails but a short riding season and unquenchable travel wanderlust has (since teenage years) encouraged us to explore further afield…

As mountain guides and outdoor experts, Nicke and Pelle have been running singletrack MTB holidays in Morocco for over 15 years and Jon has been exploring and developing singletrack tours centred in Cappadocia, Turkey since 2005. This experience has taught us how to do things right, and now we are focussed on discovering new trails and tour programmes around the world, working with local teams who share our values and standards. Many of these operators have previously joined us as clients on our own tours, so we have a personal connection and understanding too. Singletrack Nomads is a new brand, but our history and experience goes back a long way and that speaks volumes.

Every single programme has been ridden and loved by us personally, and it’s this trail passion that fuels our adventures and makes the tours special. Jon scouts, creates and guides many of the tours himself, joined by local experts where needed- so you get the best of all worlds, and a quality assurance that we don’t cut corners to cut costs. We are transparent where and when we use other tour operators and never make a mark up on any tour price, so you can rest assured of value as well as quality.

Individual, Group and Bespoke Tours:
You can join one of our tours either by signing up to one of the open fixed date departures, or by contacting us with your individual group requirements. Being small means we are also flexible, and always private group tours offer better value and personalised services. So, groups of biking friends, clubs, groups and organisations- we are waiting for to hear from you- just ask!

Find out why Singletrack Nomads are the leading agency for small group MTB holidays

Photo: Fredrik Schenholm


Jon and Sina Riding the Balkon Trail, Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Jon and Sina Riding the Balkon Trail, Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey

Booking one of our group tours is simple- just fill out our online Booking Form (scroll down this page to see it).

We also have a secure online credit card payment portal that makes it easy to pay your tour deposit and balance:

Please read through our Booking Conditions here:

Ask any questions using the Contact Us form (also further down on this page on this page) or send an email to

Some group tours have a minimum number of participants in order to run at the advertised price. If your tour hasn’t reached this minimum at the point when you book, we’ll let you know as soon as it does, and if for any reason the tour can’t go ahead, we’ll refund your prepayment- no questions asked.

When it comes to singletrack tours in Turkey, Morocco and Sweden we are the experts, and now we are discovering new horizons and exciting biking destinations around the globe. But our ethos remains the same- to offer bike trips that we would love to ride ourselves, placing core values and quality above profit margins and economics.

Life is just too short, it’s time to live it- and at the end of the day we’ll go to the ends of the earth (literally) to make sure your bike trip with us is the best ever. That’s why so many of our clients from Pathfinder Travels and Biking in Turkey are coming back year after year!

Going on a singletrack biking holiday is about a whole lot more than simply riding- there’s a whole social experience too, which becomes even more intense in culturally rich and exotic environments like Morocco and Nepal.

For sure, you will make friends, and it’s not unusual that near complete strangers begin to plan their next year trip together… even before the end of the tour! As guides and organisers we are happy to go the “extra mile” in order to make these social happenings perfectly organic and as precious and memorable as the trips themselves.

Our tours vary considerably in technical difficulty from serious, adrenalin fuelled enduro (Morocco Centre-Based) to accessible singletrack tours perfect for adventurous beginners and improving riders (Sweden West Coast). The best way to assess whether a tour is suitable for you is to speak to Jon personally on +49 17643439064. Alternatively, send an email and he’ll call you back at any convenient time. There is no point in getting yourself on a tour that’s too tough- not only may it be dangerous, it’ll be no fun either! Please read the tour descriptions thoroughly before you book.

In general, we are not racers and generally our tours run at a relaxed pace that’s always dictated by the slowest rider. There is no pressure to push yourself, and most people with a good basic fitness and regular biking outings find most tours challenging but not overly demanding. That said, experience tends to breed endurance, and tours with longer distances and daily elevation gains of 1000m or over (Nepal) will reward training and good physical fitness.

All tours have the option to hire decent quality bikes, but in our opinion if possible it’s always best to bring the bike you know and love. Before every tour we send out trip notes that include detailed packing lists, so you have plenty of time to prepare your kit. We can also offer info on travelling with your bike, and have experience with many different airlines.

Flying with your bike is easier that you think- but the costs (particularly on long haul) can vary a lot between airlines. If you factor this in when you book your air tickets and choose wisely, then travelling with your own bike is always affordable.



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