Desert Singletrack Tour in Moab, USA

Moab is a legendary area that has played an important role in mountain biking development and for many riders it is a dream destination. It’s a special, some would say spiritual place, seemingly from another planet, where dreams of slick rock and epic canyons become reality. Pathfinder Travel’s Pelle Aronosson cycled in Moab in 1988, so it’s fun to have a real pioneer- and the trip itself was put together by some former clients of Singletrack Nomads who have become great friends- a nice example of how bike trips can create a happy community and happy fiendships!

The surface of the trails varies from smooth rocky slopes of sandstone (slick rock), hard-packed soil and more crushed, rocky batches of different size drops. Although it is a mostly desolate environment, it is very little loose sand, but most of it is quite hard packed. The trip is aimed at fairly experienced climbing cyclists, but the trails are made for cycling and you are on an average level so you will not have to climb the bike more than on occasional occasions. We will help each other and try to develop together and make sure everyone gets up and has fun.

Desert Singletrack Tour in Moab, USA Information

We will stay in a townhouse in Centala Moab that belongs to some MTB friends of ours. They have a huge collective experience, cycling over 100 cycling days per year. They have also prepared the trip proposal for us and they will make sure we find the gold grain us during the trip. It is a nice apartment villa with all amenities such as pool and relaxation area. We will fix the food by ourselves so it will be at minimal cost. The journey itself is a look like a pilot trip and the price is set thereafter…

In the immediate area there are spectacular national parks and opportunities for other activities, ranging from hiking to skydiving and if you want to make excursions on your own, it is easy to arrange.

The journey to Moab / USA is not included in the price but we will coordinate a transfer from Salt Lake City all. Denver by hiring a minibus with trailer on site.

Trip Facts

Price: 900 €
Trip length: 10 Days
Group size: 8-12 persons
Guides: Per Aronsson / Nicke Sundström + Local hosts
Tour Start / Finish Point: Denver / Salt Lake City


Included in the trip

  • Transportation Denver / Salt Lake City – Moab with van + tractor for bicycles
  • All local transport on site in Moab
  • Accommodation 9 nights at Entrada Condominium Complex
  • Local bicycle hosts
  • Two tour guides (Pelle & Nicke) from Pathfinder Travels

Excluded from the trip

  • Airfare
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Tips / gratuities



We check in on our accommodation in Moab and make us at home. If you have a bike from home, it’s time to assemble it. If you have not taken a bike from home, we will ride bicycles. There are four rental locations within walking distance and they have a wide range of high quality, fully bumped bikes. We also meet our local hosts and have a brief overview of what awaits us during the week.

After a good breakfast, we’ll head up to Navajo rocks. It is a relatively newly developed trail area built from the ground up and for MTB cyclists. The views are amazing and we can enjoy flowing trails, but the area also offers more complex terrain. We will make sure we ride the trails in the right direction to maximize the fun and minimise unnecessary wear. The design in the area also makes it easy to divide the group, if it were a wish. In the afternoon we go back to our house for the after bike and relax by the pool.

Today we will ride in a neighbouring area to Navajo rocks. This zone is also built by and for MTB enthusiasts and offers beautiful, rolling trails. There are also real challenges to get along. We take time to ride the same krux over and over to push our limits forward, no stress, just fun and fear in a nice mix. We end the day with a heavy downhill stretch along the famous “Getaway Trail” until we finish the day with a stopwatch at Gemini Bridge. One of many natural stone valleys we will admire during our trip.

We start the day driving down Bull runs ridge and rocky rims, the flagship of the famous Magnificent 7 trail system. Absolutely magical cycling on huge boulders with lots of beautiful drops. Initially, it is quite easy but the difficulty is increasing successively. Then we continue along some of the Mag 7 trails and end up with some cycling up to the shuttle. There’s a hurry, we’re going to turn around!

Today, we have a slightly easier day ahead of us in the “The Moab Brand System”. The area is very accessible and from the parking lot there are a series of loops that we can play around as long as we like. Some may choose to take a tactical half-day rest, both physically and mentally, ahead of the least challenging tomorrow’s day.

Today one of the world’s most epic tours, The Whole Enchilada, awaits. It is a massive day which means about 40 km in distance with 2700 m downhill and 600 m uphill. However, in order to make the whole trip it is necessary that it is dry and the snow melted at a higher altitude. The trip is very popular and it’s good to take a really early start. It may happen that we start a bit further down depending on the weather. If not, start the ride in the alpine terrain and we start by stepping up to the Burro pass before carrying off. We are now surrounded by forests and we descend along woods, gorges and over small streams. We familiarise ourselves with roots, rocks and tight switchbacks, very different compared to the trails we drove the days before. After a couple of hours (with a bit of cycling on dirt roads) we arrive at Porcupine Rim and we leave the forest behind us and enter again into a dry desert landscape.

The points above us have been relatively even and nice compared to what we have before us. Technical cycling in rocky and sometimes disrupted terrain with some big drops, narrow eggs and gutters is to wait. Some lots are so technical that only a few can manage to get down on the saddle. If you have not driven the ladder before, it may be good to drive off several sections. We end by driving all the way down to the Colorado River’s beach banks. Now we are worth some cold in the throat before we step back down toward Moab.

We now have a more relaxed day in front of us where we can walk around the ladder system and enjoy beautiful views, flowing trails and beautiful lines on the mountain hills. We will give grateful thoughts to those who built the paths

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. The environment is fantastic.

Now it’s going to be a pumpy and rude day that might make you re-evaluate what’s possible on a bike. Amasa back is one of Moab’s absolute best climbing systems, and offers the same views as previous trips on stunning views. We start climbing HyMasa and then drive down towards Captian Ahab. However, there is a longer option for those who want and can.

We round off our stay in Moab with some relaxed cycling that involves minimal climbing and happy mines. The ladders are not so technical but, fast and fun. The framing is also incredibly spectacular and makes no disappointment. In the evening we go out and have a party dinner and celebrate a wonderful happy week!

We return to Salt Lake City, where the tour ends.
Tour ends here.


Date: 9th May 2019
Place: Salt Lake City, USA
Price: 900 €
Guides: Per Aronsson / Nicke Sundström + Local hosts
Places available: FULL
Date: To Confirm
Place: To Confirm
Price: To Confirm
Guide: To Confirm
Places available: To Confirm

*We reserve the right for price changes that are outside of our control



This trip will be the character of a pilot trip based on the participants being open to change and ready to help with the practical such as driving, cooking, etc.

We go to Moab together to ride a bike and have fun. Our friends on site will help us in fine planning and support.

We will either fly into Denver or Salt Lake City and rent one or more minibuses with a trailer (one covered so we can easily pack the bicycle bags / cartons). Final choice of airport determine the route and price of the flight. We will, of course, put a given time and place for pick up / drop off when we have put together a group. The flight price is currently around 5,000 SEK + cycle.

On site in Moab, we will have access to a trailer as well as arrange help with jeeps and racks, so we will solve all local transport on their own. We have put the diet for this in the price.

We also cook the food ourselves. There is a good kitchen and Pelle and Nicke from Pathfinder puts up a food purchasing / menus plan to make it easy for everyone. However, it will be cost-free and based on all participants being prepared to help.

If you do not want to bring your own bike, there are more rental locations within walking distance of our accommodation: See, for example:



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